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The NCCG has published the Seventh issue of the annual National Corporate Governance Report.

The current situation with the Russian corporate governance practices and the main areas of reforming them after the adoption and subsequent implementation of the new Corporate Governance Code is a pivotal subject in the National Report. The Report focuses on corporate governance agenda issues in Russian state-owned companies and new trends in board of directors’ activities, changes in their operations and reviews operations of the board audit committees in Russia and abroad. The Report contributors investigate into the role corporate governance plays in investment strategies and the key risks domestic and foreign investors face in the field of observance of their rights and interests. The National Corporate Governance Report is published since 2008 at the initiative of Vladimir O. Potanin, NCCG Chairman, CEO and Chairman of the Management Board, OJSC “Norilsk Nickel”.


PREFACE BY ALEXANDER N. SHOKHIN, President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs

Chapter I
On Key Discussions Related to the 2014 Corporate Governance Code
Elena Kuritsyna, Pavel Filimoshin

Chapter II
Russian Corporate Governance Reform: Recent Changes and New Challenges
Denis Spirin

Chapter III
Main Focus Areas of the Federal Agency for State Property Management to Upgrade Corporate Governance Standards in State-Owned Companies
Victoria Semerikova

Chapter IV
Corporate Governance of Russia’s State-owned Enterprises
Héctor Lehuedé and Anastasia Kossov

Chapter V
Board of Directors: Main Challenges and Trends in 2014
Elena Dubovitskaya, Natalia Naumova, Anna Uzornikova

Chapter VI
The Audit Committee: Thoughts on Current Best Practice
Roger Munnings

Chapter VII
Investments into Sustainable Business Development by Improving Corporate Governance
Vladimir Zhukov, Alexey Subbotin

Supplement to the Report
Contemporary Corporate Governance Practices: the Views of Investors and Issuers
Sergey Porshakov, Oleg Shvyrkov, Ekaterina Chumakova

Findings of Survey held by National Council on Corporate Governance and Russo-British Chamber of Commerce Moscow, 2010
Joint Survey by NCCG and KPMG, June 2009
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